Meet Regional Manager Brian Guarino


How long have you been working with Textbook Brokers?
8 years.

At which store(s) do you work, and what is your favorite thing about that store?
Jamestown, Winston-Salem, Greensboro
The people, both the employees and the customers.  They are all part of my second family.

You recently got engaged! How did you meet your fiancee?
We met on but our first date was at a local restaurant called Crafted.  They also have another location with a different menu which was our 2nd date.  I then proceeded to drag her there once a week for about a month before she finally said “OK, I love Crafted too but we’ve gotta mix it up and try something new.”

Do you have a favorite sport or sports team?
I’m a diehard Buffalo Bills fan.  If it wasn’t for the Bills I’d have never met one of the owners and eventually started working for the company.  He also is now one of my best friends and I attribute ALL of my success to my love of the Bills.

Do you have a favorite local restaurant or bar? What do you order there?
Well I guess I’d have to say Crafted since that was like 90% of the first dozen dates me and my fiancee went on.  Our favorite bar would definitely be 913 Whiskey Bar & Southern Kitchen.  On special occasions (like my birthday) we usually will go to both.

If you got an all expenses paid vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Being Italian I would really love to do a tour of Italy (and not the crappy combo meal at Olive Garden. It’ll give you food poisoning – I know from experience).